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Czarnowski’s visualization studio: now open for business in Portland, ME

May 23, 2017 | Culture

You don’t celebrate 70 years of business without learning a few new tricks. As the exhibit and event marketing industry continues to evolve, we continue to evolve with it.

The latest step in that evolution is our visualization studio in Portland, Maine. It houses a state-of-the-art render farm, three visualization designers, two visualization directors and a dedicated editing suite in its 4,000 square feet.

But what is visualization? It’s the creation of any computer-generated image, including renderings, animations, graphics, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Said another way, it’s the spark that brings brands to life.

Czarnowski + Infusion Studios

Like many evolution stories, the story of our Portland office is as much about the journey as the destination.

What started a few years ago as an affiliation with Infusion Studios to enhance our creative concept presentations has progressed into a powerful partnership that is transforming the way we do business.

Infusion is a premier visualization studio with 15+ years of experience in the architectural, television, film, advertising, defense and music industries.

Given Infusion’s impressive portfolio of work, producing exhibit and event renderings only scratched the surface of their potential. We quickly recognized their distinct capacity to create original consumer-facing content for our clients, so we struck a deal to bring the Infusion team in-house.

Bringing the Infusion team on board was an easy choice. The team shares our creative vision, innovative approach and commitment to brand storytelling. They also possess an extraordinary skill set that will keep us at the forefront of the exhibit and event marketing industry for years to come.

Visual Artists in Action

People think about technology as the solution. But behind the technology are craftsmen and artists generating the ideas and creative strategy behind the computer-generated solutions.

Clients know their brand and their marketing strategy, but they don’t always know how to translate it dimensionally onto the show floor, in an event space or in the middle of a golf course. That’s our responsibility.

The exciting part? We’ve already put these new services into practice for a global automotive brand, using computer graphics to push the envelope of customer perception and create an unforgettable auto show content experience.

Office Space

A team who does awesome creative work needs an awesome creative space to work in. It was also important that the visualization team maintained their unique identity within the Czarnowski brand.

A consistent thread in all of our office spaces is a display of our core values. With the Portland office representing visualization, we decided it called for a more technical expression of our values. The design team translated our value statement into binary code and then had the pattern die cut, creating a unique wall and ceiling element that greets every visitor as they enter the space.

When it came to designing the director’s suite, a cool accent feature was selected that expressed the diverse background of the group: guitars! Star Wars and Lego elements were also incorporated into the space to round out the team’s interests and inspirations.

Moving into the Future

At Czarnowski, we know success isn’t possible without progression and growth. We have one of the best visualization teams in the business working with our award-winning designers to provide our clients everything they need to push their brand marketing into the future.

Having a new studio and an incredibly talented visualization team adds to the feeling that there’s no challenge we can’t meet. And that’s pretty exciting.

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