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The Czarnowski Zero Accident Plan

September 14, 2016 | Culture

The exhibit and event marketing industry is full of obstacles and challenges. Among those challenges are the health and safety hazards that employees encounter on a daily basis.

Several years ago we started an initiative to combat employee injuries in the workplace. This initiative has manifested into what is now known as The Zero Accident Plan.

No accidents is no accident.

The Zero Accident Plan is not just a slogan; it’s an attitude. The program is based on fluid communication between all levels of our organization. Sales, design, engineering, production and show floor management each play a vital role in its success.

Through constant evaluation of our processes and methods, we have not only reduced employee injuries but have also increased our efficiencies—directly impacting the quality of our customers’ exhibits.

Here’s how The Zero Accident Plan works:

During the design and engineering phase, fabrication and production safety concerns are considered. Constant communication between design, engineering and risk management ensures the end product is not only safe for our employees but for exhibitors and show attendees as well. We make it our business to protect everyone who is part of the Czarnowski experience.

Our fabrication process puts health and safety at the forefront. We ensure employees work with the appropriate personal protective equipment and that production equipment is properly secured with safety guards.

Health and safety is a core value at all our facilities. Cutting-edge technology, effective employee training and ongoing health and safety inspections are just a few of the tactics utilized to protect our employees. These tactics also ensure our clients receive the quality product they’ve come to expect, on time.


The Zero Accident Plan is evident on the show floor during the installation and dismantling process. You will see our supervisors leading the local labor force in our customized Flex and Stretch program, which is followed by task-specific health and safety training modules on every shift. These modules prepare the team for the challenges encountered during their shift and provide instruction on how to overcome them in a safe and productive manner.

Throughout every process at Czarnowski, we understand that communication is key to maintaining a safe work environment. We embrace feedback from around the country on new and innovative ways to adhere to and improve The Zero Accident Plan, which is vital to our future success and in protecting our most valuable commodity: our employees.

Get fresh marketing content delivered to your inbox.