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Czarnowski GmbH
Schanzenstrasse 39 D4-D5
51063 Cologne, Germany
+49 (0) 221.922321-0

Czarnowski North America
2287 S Blue Island Dr
Chicago IL 60608
1 (800) 247-4302

Czarnowski Shanghai
555 Dongchuan Road
Building #6, Rm 04, 1/F
Shanghai, PR China, 200241
+86 (0) 21.34713691

Introducing Czarnowski Shanghai

November 16, 2017 | Culture

Nǐ hǎo, China! Czarnowski Shanghai is officially open for business.

Saying we’re an international company is easy. But being an international company requires more than talk.

It requires providing services everywhere our customers (and our customers’ customers) need us to be.

Because at Czarnowski, customers come first.

Global + local

It’s important our customers have an exhibit and event marketing team with local knowledge and reliable resources. It’s equally critical they have a team who can speak the language and work in the same time zone.

So as our customers started doing more shows and events throughout China and Asia, we decided to lay down stakes.


“Our Shanghai office allows us to not only better serve our China-based customers but also our North American and European customers as they increase their marketing activities in Asia,” said Bob DeFacci, Czarnowski’s Global Managing Director.

“Our physical presence in China combined with our local knowledge, experience and reliable partner network allow us to provide distinct and valuable services to this growing market.”

Service + solutions

From account and project management to design, engineering, fabrication and labor, Czarnowski Shanghai offers the same level of service and attention to detail our customers expect from our North American and European offices.

Our Shanghai team coordinates with our North American and European teams to maintain a consistent brand experience and provide turnkey solutions across countries and continents.

Looking to the future

Growth is vital to our customers’ success. Whether we’re opening new locations or expanding our capabilities, we’re proud to have been able to grow with them over the past 70 years.

The future of exhibit and event marketing looks bright, and we’re ready to continue leading the way. The only question is where will we grow next?

“As a leader in the exhibit and event marketing industry, moving into China was a natural next step for our company.
We’re excited to bring our decades of experience helping customers develop creative and successful marketing strategies to China.”

— KC Nagle, Executive Vice President / Czarnowski

Get fresh marketing content delivered to your inbox.