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EXHIBITOR magazine names 2019 Best of CES

March 18, 2019 | Awards

You don’t have to be a multinational electronics maverick to know that CES, the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, is the biggest and most important trade show of the year. It’s a place where established business moguls and cutting-edge startup founders collide, with over 182,000 people attending.

In the vast 2.9 million square feet of show floor space, managing to stand out requires a herculean effort. This year, three of Czarnowski’s clients (LG, Panasonic and USPS) used sensory concepts, exciting launches and true human engagement to land on EXHIBITOR magazine’s 20 most impressive exhibits from CES 2019.

LG brought unforgettable elegance to CES once again

LG Electronics has finished amongst the top two exhibits in EXHIBITOR’s Best of CES list for the last three consecutive years—which is particularly gratifying for us since we worked with LG for two of those shows.

Similar to last year’s booth, we helped LG install and fabricate the main attraction that led attendees to an elegant collection of demos and displays.

Described by many as “the massive curve of nature,” the focal point was made up of over 250 curved LG OLED TVs that started at the floor and rose up to tower overhead, enveloping guests in imagery of deserts, waterfalls and starlit skies.

As attendees moved deeper into the booth, awe-inspiring displays wowed visitors with translucent appliances, interactive video screens and LG’s new roll-able screens. Clean and crisp, the interior provided a space for visitors to interact with LG’s technology in an organic and unhurried atmosphere.

Panasonic synthesized the physical with the digital, offering a better world

Playing upon their “A Better Life, A Better World” tagline, we worked with Panasonic we to create an immersive space filled with their newest products and technologies.

The main exhibit started with louver-lite exterior walls, letting passersby glance at the high-tech experiences inside.


Once inside, CES attendees could partake in any number of activities such as a digital stress test station/miniature obstacle course, a virtual eBike ride and light-painting activity or an immersive brand theater that combined a live DJ with Panasonic’s 30,000-lumen 4K projectors to create a 220-degree screening room.

In addition to the theater, we also fabricated a presentation and demonstration space where visitors could continue to experience Panasonic’s vision of the world.

The United States Postal Service married high tech with high concept to redefine brand story

While the United States Postal Service may not be the first agency that comes to mind when you think of CES, the sleek and educational exhibit we helped them create delivered big time.

We started with glowing, box-like shapes that hung over attendee’s heads, representing the postal service’s iconic flat-rate boxes. These strategically placed installations could be seen from almost anywhere on the show floor.

Next visitors moved inside the USPS space, where they were met with digital LED monitors and interactive displays sharing USPS’s story while detailing the features and benefits of the brand’s most innovative products.

The exhibit’s crowning jewel was a 10-foot-tall video wall that displayed photos of guests taken inside the booth. These photos were turned into mailable postcards attendees could share with friends and family for take-home mementos of the event. We also added brand-focused details such as stamp-like shapes, peppering them throughout the space to subtly reinforce USPS’s brand identity.

A trade show with style

It’s easy to forget amongst all of the lights, sounds and cool gadgets that CES is a trade show, a place where exhibitors must work hard to engage their audience and market their products.

With over 4,400 individual exhibits vying for attention (and foot traffic), our clients need to create experiences that connect, making sure the human side of their brands are experienced. And helping our clients achieve this makes us proud to be a partner that delivers big ideas and story-worthy experiences at CES and beyond. We love what we do at Czarnowski and we hope it shows.

We also appreciate being recognized for our work on those projects by Travis Stanton, the Editor of EXHIBITOR magazine: “Three exhibit providers (The Taylor Group, Czarnowski Display Service Inc., and George P. Johnson) managed to score Best of CES spots for multiple clients — an impressive feat considering the fact that the 20 booths included represent less than one-half of 1 percent of the companies on the CES 2019 show floor.”

Want to relive the amazing tech, glittering reveals and awesome interactions of CES 2019?

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