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The art of precision: GM recognizes Czarnowski with Innovation Award

May 8, 2018 | Awards

Czarnowski was named a GM Innovation Award winner during General Motor’s 26th annual Supplier of the Year awards ceremony.

We were one of four companies recognized for our contribution towards delivering cutting-edge technologies that substantially enhance GM’s vehicle capabilities and/or customer experience. We were also named a GM Supplier of the Year for the fifth year running.

Having worked with GM for many years, they came to us to help push their brand forward. With 100 years of capable truck building reputation under their belt, it was our job to make sure the brand’s direction continued to serve diehard GM loyalists while attracting a new crowd of enthusiasts.

And we would discover that is easier said than done.

Auto shows are the best way for customers to see the car of their dreams (and social media feeds) in the real world. So we had to make sure the GM auto show experience was as powerful and precise as their vehicles.

GM wanted to incorporate movement and energy into their experience. We knew this would be challenging not only from a design standpoint but from a budget perspective as well. But we also knew there was a solution, and we called in our creative strategists to find it.

Infusion Studios, our in-house visualization studio, pioneered the use of a fidelity matching process to create kinetic rhythm through computer graphics. Using this technology, we were able to deliver a moving experience that expressed the evolution of the GM brand in every way.

At Czarnowski, we’re moving in only one direction: forward. See where we’re going.

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