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Czarnowski GmbH
Schanzenstrasse 39 D4-D5
51063 Cologne, Germany
+49 (0) 221.922321-0

Czarnowski North America
2287 S Blue Island Dr
Chicago IL 60608
1 (800) 247-4302

Czarnowski Shanghai
555 Dongchuan Road
Building #6, Rm 04, 1/F
Shanghai, PR China, 200241
+86 (0) 21.34713691

Philips International

A Human Approach to Healthcare

Philips and Czarnowski share a long success story that started in the United States. Following the maxim ‘think global, act local’ Czarnowski opened its Cologne office in 2011.

This was a significant milestone in our cooperation, because since then we have been supporting our client as a preferred supplier in the implementation of Philips’ core value of making life better into trade fair concepts, specifically around healthcare exhibitions worldwide.

We translate the company’s commitment to improve people’s lives across the health continuum – whether in a hospital, in nursing care or at the patient’s home – into room concepts that create a unique feel-good atmosphere which welcomes customers in Dusseldorf, Vienna and Dubai alike. The challenge lies in developing a variable and scalable concept that reflects the size and complexity of Philips’ portfolio of healthcare solutions.

In order to create a true brand experience, we go beyond implementing the client’s design artwork. Rather, we integrate novel materials and develop innovative forms of presentation for creative digital showcases.

In line with the colours representing Philips’ brand identity, we use fresh hues to create different areas that generate both interaction and customer excitement. At the same time, we create the best possible environment so that multi-media presentations and the latest in VR and AR technology intensify the visitors’ experience around the exhibits and highlight how products and solutions of Philips help to improve people’s lives across the health continuum.

We meet the client’s demand for perfection – even if an order is placed at short notice before the start of a trade fair. A cross-functional team of five employees ensures consistent customer and project assistance. Their credo ‘No is not an option’ not only reflects our professional focus on service but above all shows our deeply felt empathy for our client.

Philips appreciates our passionate and dedicated approach to each and every project. Both our understanding of the brand and our claim to deliver consistently high quality at all times and in everything we do are the foundation of the trustful relationship that has grown over the years.