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There’s no place like HCEA Connect

September 7, 2017 | Exhibits

You don’t spend 70 years loving what you do if you don’t have awesome customers. And we have awesome customers. They are the inspiration and motivation behind everything we do. So it seemed only fitting that our experience at this year’s HCEAConnect be a tribute to them.

What started on day one as a stark, minimalist structure was by day two transformed into a lively, colorful celebration—rosé happy hours included.

That strategic shift was due in large part to our interactive photo installation. Four seamless plasmas boldly displayed the phrase “Established 1947” in reference to our 70th anniversary. Within each block letter was a picture collage of vintage black-and-white Czarnowski photos.

As attendees started to fill the exhibit space, they were able to pull out their phones, type in the URL and select an existing or take a new photo. They then submitted their photo, which instantly became part of the collage.

The installation gradually morphed from vintage photographs to modern pics, and from shades of gray to vibrant color—putting a fine point on how it is our customers (and our customers’ customers) who animate our experiences.

Because our photo experience wasn’t a traditional photo booth with photographer, the barrier between sales team and guest was removed. Our visitors were able to interact with our sales team directly to learn more about the installation and how to contribute to it—breaking the ice and building the foundation for more authentic and productive conversations.

Why did we choose a photo installation to spark interaction with our guests? The simple answer is because we knew it would work. We used a similar concept for our Czarnowski Constitution Day activities, allowing our employees to submit pieces of art to update the Czarnowski logo in real time. And the result was a high level of engagement and a great deal of fun.

“Every design element we incorporate into our experiences serves a purpose.
A cool idea is just a cool idea until you can prove it has a purpose in the overall objective.
Because it’s important we not only deliver the visual impact clients want but make it yield the results they expect.”

– Josh Damesworth, Designer

Past, present and future customers weren’t the only ones wowed by our HCEAConnect experience. The conference recognized our efforts with the Best 10×20 Booth award, further validating that when you put customers first, everyone wins.

However, our HCEAConnect experience wasn’t all photo ops and rosé toasts. Like any good exhibitor, we had business to conduct and leads to capture. So we armed five of our sales reps with iPads loaded with presentations and other promotional materials. The iPads scanned badges and allowed attendees to select the information relevant to their interests.

Get fresh marketing content delivered to your inbox.