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Unlearn & Reframe

December 10, 2015 | Insights

Unlearn & Reframe helps you step back from what you think you know about experience marketing and consider an alternative angle.

Unlearning is a fundamental aspect of progression. It means shedding familiar concepts to make way for new ones.

Continued success is not possible without transformation and progression. To learn, you must first unlearn.

Unlearn belief to reframe possibility

We can’t assume that tomorrow’s marketing challenges will be the same as today’s or that our current techniques will meet the needs of tomorrow’s audience. Be brave and step back from what you think you know and consider an alternative angle.

The ability to explore alternatives, investigate what makes your customers tick and adapt accordingly is the key to marketing success.

When you push the boundaries of the status quo, you create compelling experiences that will stick with your customers long after the show ends.

Unlearn transactions to reframe partnerships

There are many paths to success. Some companies are so focused on the bottom line that they lose sight of what matters.

Customers matter. Being a partner to your customers matters. While transactions are finite, partnerships are not.

To be a true customer partner, you must listen and respond to your customers’ changing needs. When you create experiences that connect your brand to your customers, you can grow your business in meaningful ways.

Unlearn habits to reframe audience

Why do you exhibit at the shows you do? Sometimes it is industry perception, or because you have been doing it for 25 years. (Or because it’s in Vegas, baby.)

Don’t exhibit by default. Stay curious about your audience and go where they go. Track your effectiveness and then use what you learn about them to create conversion opportunities.

Analyzing your customers’ behavior ensures you get the most out of your program. When you understand who your audience is and where to reach them, you can develop a strategy that will help move your business forward.

Unlearn booths to reframe experiences

The booth is a start point, not an end point. When you reach beyond static product displays to engage your audience, you compel them to care about your brand and your message.

Shows give your customers a unique opportunity to connect with what you’re selling.

By designing experiences that provoke curiosity, inspire play and promote a tactile understanding of your product or service, you turn average attendees into brand advocates.

Be fresh, be human and—most importantly—be memorable. Your customers will respond in kind.

Unlearn budgets to reframe opportunity

Smart experience marketing goes beyond budgets. After all, budgets can be deceiving. Don’t get trapped into thinking you don’t have the budget to be creative.

You have more funds than you think. It’s about how you stretch your dollars and then reallocate your savings to create better customer engagements.

You should never sacrifice great design to meet your budget.

By employing creative solutions, you can achieve the desired result at the targeted cost.

Unlearn line items to reframe efficiencies

Line items don’t tell the whole story. If services are being outsourced, you are probably paying for them—in one way or another.

Not every marketing partner is equipped to handle the intricacies of experience marketing. So choose a partner with resources that maximize your program’s efficiency.

In-house resources optimize your exhibit’s performance and boost your investment. It’s important you work with a partner who won’t just get the job done, but who will get the job done right.

The changing marketing landscape

Experience marketing—as well as its audience—will continue to evolve, and you must be prepared to evolve with it.

Make unlearn and reframe part of your organizational culture. Get the Unlearn & Reframe guide.

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